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BioReliance Corporation Announces ToxCast™ Award


BioReliance has been awarded a contract under the U.S. EPA’s ToxCast™ program.  This 5 year contract encompasses genetic toxicology screening of environmental chemicals for potential toxicity and has the potential to evaluate 10,000 chemicals.

ROCKVILLE, MD – August 4, 2011 -- BioReliance announced today that it has been awarded a contract under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Computational Toxicology Research Program called ToxCast™. This contract for the testing of “High Throughput Complex Cell Co-Culture Systems” encompasses genetic toxicology screening of environmental chemicals for potential toxicity.

BioReliance Corporation is a leading contract services company in the area of product safety. Its clients include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, consumer product, medical device and academic organizations.

In the initial scope of this contract, BioReliance will be testing 1,000 chemicals under Phase II of the Toxicity Forecaster (ToxCast™) program. These chemicals come from a broad range of sources, including industrial and consumer products, food additives and drugs, that have been compiled under the Tox 21 collaboration between the EPA, National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences/National Toxicology Program, National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH Chemical Genomics Center and the Food and Drug Administration. This contract between BioReliance and the EPA includes the option to expand the program over the course of 5 years and test up to 10,000 chemicals.

“BioReliance has long employed various compound screening methods to understand mechanism of action and predict potential human hazard,” said Global Toxicology Technical Specialist, Robert Young. “BioReliance welcomes the opportunity to utilize our experience and expertise to effectively predict how chemicals will affect biological responses. The data generated from our innovative chemical testing methods will be combined with data from other screening methodologies to enable the EPA to make risk-assessments of many chemicals that have not previously been well characterized.”

“BioReliance is proud to participate in this significant program,” said President and CEO, Charles C. Harwood, Jr. “This program will employ the broad scientific and operational capabilities of BioReliance to deliver to the EPA the same timely, accurate, and cost-effective results we are committed to providing to all of our clients – so they can make informed assessments about the safety of chemical products for human use.”

About BioReliance
BioReliance Corporation is a leading provider of cost-effective contract services, offering more than 1,000 tests or services related to biologics safety testing, specialized toxicology and animal health services. Founded in 1947, BioReliance is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, with laboratory operations in Rockville and Scotland and offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Bangalore, India. The Company employs more than 650 people globally. For more information, visit

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