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Viral Clearance Services Brochure

Viral Clearance Services Brochure

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Viral Clearance and Viral Safety

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The viral clearance team has performed thousands of studies for biopharmaceutical clients. Clearance services are required by regulatory authorities for investigational new drug (IND) submissions. To make your clearance project easier and more valuable, we have a dedicated project management team, local language support and team of scientific staff dedicated to help you with your clearance project. The staff has over 300 years of combined experience with 70% of them having advanced degrees in the life science field.

Viral Clearance is critical in the process development for monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and glycoproteins, tissue and blood derived products and medical devices. We offer a variety of viral clearance and viral safety service to help you with your regulatory submissions including:

  • Adenovirus viral clearance
  • Retrovirus viral clearance (HIV-1)
  • Parvovirus viral clearance
  • Pseudorabies viral clearance
  • Influenza viral clearance....and many more

The types of viral strains to be tested are specific to the method used to manufacture your therapeutic or biological. For example, Human Influenza A Virus testing should be performed if your test agent is produced in Vero Cells or MDCK Cells.

Contact an expert to discuss your Viral Clearance needs.

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