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Virus Bank Manufacturing

The Virus Bank (Virus Seed, Virus Stock) is a vital part of manufacturing a biological product. The creation of a Master Virus Bank ensures reproducible testing and production of recombinant viruses for the production of vaccines and recombinant proteins. The process begins with the use of Master Cell Banks to create Master Virus Seed Stocks (MVSS). From there, a Working Virus Seed Stock (WVSS) can be produced.

BioReliance is an expert in Master Virus Bank production and can ensure:

  • Viral Identity
  • Viral Purity
  • Viral Stability
  • Long term, secured storage

BioReliance maintains virus seed banks according to Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in facilities that are fully in compliance with FDA guidelines.

Contact our experienced scientific staff to learn about master virus banking for your project needs.

What does virus bank production entail?

First, a Master Virus Seed Stock (MVSS) is prepared from a Master Cell Bank (mammalian cell lines or baculovirus-infected insect cells) and then tested under cGMP conditions to demonstrate the virus is free of contamination and the virus is replication competent (high titer). Testing also confirms specificity and long-term stability.

At BioReliance, a Master Virus Bank can be stored for both long term and short-term storage under a strict inventory control system that protects from cross-contamination. Our storage units are continually monitored for temperature variability and offer limited access to protect the Master Virus Bank. Once a successful Master Virus Bank is produced, all production must utilize viruses that are direct passages from the Master lot. This is called a Working Virus Seed Stock (WVSS) from which viral titers are expanded for vaccine or protein production.

Virus production from a Master lot includes the following stringent parameters prior to delivery:

  • Virus Bank Characterization
  • Potency Assays
  • Viral Stock Testing
  • Biosafety Testing

BioReliance is an expert in Virus Bank Manufacturing for biological products. We also offer regulatory consulting for your Virus Bank Manufacturing needs.

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