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Vaccine Manufacturing

BioReliance offers clinical manufacturing (cGMP manufacturing) for a range of biologically active substances, specifically designed for Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, including vaccine manufacturing specifically. We have extensive experience with viral vectors and fully comprehend the unique requirements of this field. Our facility meets FDA, cGMP, and EU requirements for commercial standards.


Vaccine manufacturing services from BioReliance can provide:

  • Clinical Grade Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Gene Therapy Product Manufacturing
  • Master Cell Bank and Virus Seed Stock Production
  • Large Scale production and Purification Techniques


BioReliance research professionals have performed many vaccine manufacturing projects for clients in Biopharma providing the flexibility to produce the highest quality biological substances for your clinical trials.


Contact our experienced scientific staff to learn about vaccine manufacturing options for your project’s needs.


What techniques are used in vaccine manufacturing?

We provide state of the art purification and production techniques to ensure product performance and reliability. Our production facility utilizes state of the art production devices including cell factories, T-flasks, bioreactors, cell cubes, and disposables.


Downstream vaccine purification technologies include:

  • Advanced Chromatography Methods
  • Flow Filtration
  • Gradient Ultracentrifugation


We can manufacture required quantities of vaccines for multiple stages of your clinical development plan and offer support to address your Phase I and Phase II clinical trial needs. Please inquire with our clinical manufacturing team to meet your production needs.