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BioReliance is the leading provider of contract services to the biopharmaceutical industry, supporting every phase of the testing, development and manufacturing process and offering a comprehensive and integrated package of services.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes:

Biologics Safety Testing
BioReliance is the scientific leader in biological safety assessments.  Our capabilities include a broad spectrum of cGMP- and GLP-compliant virological, immunological, molecular biology and microbial testing services. Our ability to develop and execute global protocols enables BioReliance’s clients to register products worldwide.

Biomanufacturing Services
BioReliance is dedicated to meeting your manufacturing needs for the production of cell banks, viral seed stocks, viral vaccines and cell therapeutics. Our cGMP production facilities and extensive technical and regulatory expertise provide the support you need for efficient product development and the guidance you trust to achieve regulatory approval.

Biomanufacturing Support Services
Our Biomanufacturing Support Services include Process Development, Biorepository, Biological Safety Testing, Analytical Testing, and Clearance Services

Toxicology Services
BioReliance provides comprehensive toxicology services that can speedily move your product from discovery to market. We have been a scientific leader in toxicology for more than 60 years – from safety testing the first polio vaccines in the 1950’s to validating new transgenic mouse models for carcinogenicity testing.

Clinical Trial Laboratory Services
Clinical trials with viral vectors and vaccines may require additional tests beyond the standard clinical chemistry and hematology required for other clinical trials. These additional assays may include an analysis of patient samples for shed virus, expression of the delivered gene, presence of anti-virus neutralizing antibodies and cytokines. Many of these analyses involve the development of specialized assays that are not routinely performed by most clinical research organizations.

Animal Health Services
BioReliance’s Animal Health Services (AHS) department offers a complete spectrum of animal diagnostic and analytical services for both routine monitoring and emergency situations. These testing programs are used by laboratories, breeding colonies and animal facilities worldwide to ensure both animal health and laboratory safety. We provide both rodent and nonhuman primate diagnostics.

Custom Services
BioReliance offers custom services in Molecular Biology, Virology, Microbiology, and Analytical/ Bioanalytical and Clinical Trial Laboratory Services. Additionally, we offer Toxicology custom services.

Consulting Services
BioReliance’s Consulting Services provides preclinical toxicology, biosafety, manufacturing and regulatory support to companies developing biological therapeutics, other protein based products and small molecules.  These services allow clients to utilize our scientists’ knowledge and experience in developing product quality and safety programs, manufacturing processes and regulatory compliance programs.