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Mouse Antibody Production Test

BioReliance performs in vivo assays designed to detect adventitious and endogenous viruses in cell banks, virus seed stock, raw materials and final products.


A major concern when using mammalian cell lines for production of a biotechnology product or biological is the risk of contamination by endogenous and adventitious viruses, which can occur during the manufacturing process. Such contamination could have serious clinical consequences detrimental to the patient. BioReliance in vivo virus detection services are available to ensure the absence of human and animal adventitious viruses in your biologicals. 


In vivo testing services for viral contamination includes:

  • Mouse antibody production (MAP) test
  • Hamster antibody production (HAP) test
  • Rat antibody production (RAP) test  
  • S+L- focus assay


The BioReliance CRO team has a broad experience in testing and detecting adventitious agents using in vivo methods, and research staff is available to provide guidance in protocol design for the most appropriate collection, preparation and evaluation of biologic samples to ensure sample integrity.


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Does BioReliance offer other virology testing assays for adventitious agents?

BioReliance offers a wide range of services to enable production of biologicals free of contamination including:

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