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Microbial identification services – rapid genetic identification using sequence analysis of the ribosomal RNA gene (rDNA)

Microbial identification services are provided by BioReliance for applications such as identification of isolates from Environmental Monitoring or investigations of suspected contaminants, as well as providing identity testing for Microbial cell banks.

BioReliance offer a genotypic identification method for bacterial organisms which involves sequencing the highly conserved and universally functional gene that encodes the 16S portion of the bacterial ribosome (Fast MicroSEQ® 500 16S rDNA sequencing). Fungal and yeast identification target the D2 region of the nuclear large-subunit rDNA that offers ample variation to identify most yeast and fungi to the species level. Our assay is GMP compliant and fully validated, assuring maximum confidence in results.

Results are available within a very rapid timeframe (3 days from sample receipt to provision of fully audited Certificate of Analysis), when compared to classical methods that utilize microbial morphology, biochemistry, phenotype and culture techniques. Molecular methods not only provide rapid time to results, but also offer improved accuracy and precision, and are recommended by regulatory bodies including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)1.

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1 FDA Guidance for Industry – Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing. US FDA, September 2004, Pharmaceutical cGMPs.