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A great opportunity to learn more about what it is like to work at BioReliance is by hearing directly from our employees:

Representative Director BioReliance KK, Japan –
"It is really exciting to meet many of our clients while supporting them to develop life-saving drugs.  Also, I am very happy to work with our global team to seek better ways of serving our clients throughout the Asian market." 

Scientist Virology, BioReliance UK Ltd –
“The main aspect of my job is to ensure the smooth running of biosafety tests for therapeutic reagents and products that have been developed by the pharmaceutical industry. This position enables me to work with a range of people and allows me to apply my scientific expertise in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. On a lighter note, the BioReliance Employee Enrichment Program (BEEP) allows me to channel some of my energy into organizing charity fundraising events and to work with people in departments that I would not normally associate on a day-to-day basis.  Working as a scientist at BioReliance is therefore a challenging and extremely rewarding position.”

Business Analyst, US – Rockville –  
“Working for BioReliance for the past 22 years has given me the opportunity to develop my career path far beyond my expectations.  As a Business Analyst in the Information Technologies Department, I get to work with the business units of BioReliance to assist in the development of computer systems & processes to ensure that BioReliance is on the forefront of technology – what an awesome feeling.  BioReliance truly is my family away from home!”  

Process Improvement Manager,  BioReliance UK Ltd –  
As a Process Improvement Manager, the position provides me with an oversight of most activities within the business.  Having this oversight, I strive to raise the performance of the organisation through the never-ending process of choosing and adjusting goals, objectives and action strategies by using Six Sigma methodology.  We continually improve our processes by removing successive layers of waste as they are discovered.  This is one tool that underpins the philosophies of TQM (Total Quality Management) and LEAN activities onsite.  Process Improvement has become the foundation for many of our projects all driving to ensure our clients deliver new biological drugs safely to market.  

Senior Associate Scientist, In Vitro Cytogenetics, Gene Tox, US - Rockville
Stimulating challenges, professional growth, teamwork and high job satisfaction are key in working at BioReliance.

Graphic Designer, Marketing US – Rockville –  
BioReliance is an exceptional place to work. I have been employed at BioReliance for more than 10 years. During that time I have had a couple of different roles in the Commercial Operations department. Working for BioReliance is very rewarding and I am proud to know that I promote BioReliance’s services that ensure the safety of healthcare products and life saving medicines.

Senior Administrative Assistant, Marketing, US – Rockville –  
Working for BioReliance makes you feel like you’re part of a team.  We have been through a lot of changes but somehow we always manage to pull it together and end up on top.  I believe it’s the hard work and dedication that keeps BioReliance a step above the rest. 

Associate Scientist III, Non-GLP, Tier II Assays, US – Rockville –  
What I enjoy most about working at BioReliance is being able to use my skills and experience in an early stage testing environment.  It is very rewarding to see early stage testing of a compound that I have been involved with being put on the market for people to use.  Aside from this, this environment is very cohesive, and nurturing... makes one feel like part of a family.

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