Neutralization Assay

BioReliance provides additional assays in analytical services, including cell-based bioassays. These assays are specifically used to measure the biological response of test material and are customized to client-specific requirements.

One of these types of cell-based assay is the neutralization assay. In this assay, neutralizing antibodies inhibit biological activity of a target, and cell viability or plaque reduction is the endpoint.

These assays can be used for:

  • Toxin Neutralization
  • Virus Neutralization
  • Detection of Anti-drug antibodies

BioReliance research professionals have performed thousands of neutralization assays for clients in Biopharma. We can provide a fast turn around time and the highest quality testing for neutralization assays.

Contact our experienced scientific staff to learn about neutralization assays that are best for your project needs – click here to talk to a scientist.

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