Electron Microscopy Services

Electron microscopy services provide high-resolution images of viral or biological specimens at an ultrastructural level to detect the presence, absence, and quantitation of known microbial or adventitious agents in biological fluids or in cell substrates.

BioReliance offers a variety of assay options for your electron microscopy needs including:

  • Ultra-Thin Section Electron Microscopy
  • Virus Particle Counts
  • Virus Characterization
  • Negative Stain
  • Immuno-electron microscopy
  • Bioprocess Validation

We provide GMP-compliant transmission electron microscopy (TEM) services for ultrastructural pathology and viral particle identification, tabulation, quantification and characterization in support of the FDA Points to Consider (PTC) documents. We can provide a fast turn around time and the highest quality testing. Our experienced CRO research staff is available to provide guidance in study design for the most appropriate collection, preparation and evaluation of biologic samples to ensure sample integrity.

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How are viral particles characterized by transmission electron microscopy (TEM)?

BioReliance examines biological fluids and quantifies virus particles to estimate the viral load of the sample. It is essential that viral load is determined prior to validating the ability of a purification process to inactivate or remove viral contaminants.

Morphology of virus particles, as defined by transmission electron microscopy, is one of the major criteria for classification of viruses. Quantitation of virus particles can be performed by thin section TEM or by negative stain TEM.

What is Ultra-thin Section Electron Microscopy?

Ultra-thin sectioning reveals fine details of cell and tissue ultrastructure as well as the structure of viruses or other present microbes. Cells or tissues embedded in plastic are thin sectioned, mounted and stained, and examined by transmission electron microscopy at an ultrastructural level.

This technique provides details of the interior of the cells and tissues, including organelle structure, morphology of macromolecules, such as virus particles, without causing distortion of the cells or tissues.

Immuno-electron microscopy and intensive search for new or suspected viruses and other microbes are available as ultra-thin section EM services.

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When is negative staining performed?

Negative staining is useful for quantitative and qualitative studies of viruses or other microbes. Specimen preparations are stabilized in electron-dense salts and examined by transmission electron microscopy.

Viral particle counts (VPC), immuno-electron microscopy, are also available as negative stain EM services.

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