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Assays and Services

BioReliance’s genetic toxicology services include:

New Gene Tox Assay:
  BioReliance has introduced a new assay, the Reconstructed Skin Micronucleus Assay (RSMN), to detect possible DNA damage from products with dermal routes of exposure.  Please click here for further information.

Gene Mutation

  • Bacterial Mutation Assays
  • Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Assays

Chromosome Damage

  • In Vitro Cytogenetics
  • In Vivo Cytogenetics

Primary DNA Damage

  • DNA Damage and Repair
  • Cell Transformation
  • In vitro Mammalian Cell Transformation Assays


  • Assessment of Hemolytic Property

BioReliance offers the following assays for Genetic Toxicology Testing:

Screening Assays
BioReliance performs assays that can be used for screening candidate compounds. These assays predict the results of a full-GLP regulatory-compliant assay while using a minimum amount of test article to obtain the maximum amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

Regulatory Submission Assays
BioReliance offers a comprehensive array of GLP and Regulatory compliant assays required for product filings. Standard batteries of assays are available that serve for most disciplines. The assay batteries include:

  • Pharmaceutical Compound Testing
  • Medical Device Testing
  • REACH Services for Chemicals
  • Testing of Household Products

Tier II Assays
In addition to regulatory submission batteries, BioReliance offers supplemental tests to investigate mechanism and to help characterize human risk.

Other Assays
BioReliance offers many other assays that provide assessment of genotoxic potential for a wide variety of product types. Please inquire for a listing and descriptions at