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Why BioReliance?

Why BioReliance?

  • Pioneers in the application of Q-PCR used in conjunction with infectivity-based assays
  • One of the first companies to utilize Western blot analysis for TSE clearance studies
  • Real time endpoint testing (collection of process samples scheduled to test directly)
  • Approximately 26 different viruses, 12 microbial agents and 10 mycoplasma agents available
  • Virus stocks and other challenge agents optimized to high titer
  • Largest historical clearance study database in the industry


  • State-of-the-art clearance suites with facilities on two sites worldwide allows us to commence studies with minimal delay
  • Biohazard category II and III facilities available with 6ft & 4ft biosafety cabinets
  • Independent  detector cell banking, virus production facilities
  • Walk in cold rooms for 2-8°C process step performance available
  • Dedicated client offices separate from laboratory areas with either internet access or WiFi
  • Validated ÄKTA chromatography systems available with Unicorn software (version details on request)
  • Microprocessor controlled small scale freeze driers
  • Dedicated equipment on site for client use (includes): Free standing fraction collectors, UV monitors, peristaltic pumps, chart recorders, recirculating waterbaths, ovens for dry heat treatments, digital chart recorders for temperature monitoring

Quality Service and Technical Support

  • Senior Scientific personnel are available to meet directly with the authorities, if required, to review study results and data
  • Designated project manager as single point of contact and electronic prelim reporting throughout the duration of the study
  • GLP compliant