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Bulk Lot Release Testing

Circovirus Contamination

Welcome to the homepage for Bulk Lot Release Testing. 

At BioReliance, we offer a wide range of assays and services aimed at ensuring the quality and purity of unprocessed and purified bulk materials used in the production of biologicals for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our cGMP Lot release testing services for bulk materials are in compliance with quality assurance and regulatory guidelines. 


Recommended services for bulk lot release testing:


Custom bulk lot release testing services also are available.  Contact BioReliance and our research team will be happy to assist you in planning your biological production methodology.


More about Bulk Lot Release Testing

Every lot of product produced, both for preclinical and clinical studies, requires a series of tests on both unprocessed and purified bulk material. This should be performed separate from final container testing. 

Bulk materials include all biological products that are not individually packaged including liquids, powders, and other pharmaceutical forms. 

Let the experts at BioReliance, help your team insure the safety with carefully planned and executed bulk materials lot release testing program. Contact us today.